It can be a mine-field of costs, legalities and regulations when you have never rented a property before.  Or maybe you are having difficulties in finding the right property for you.

Here are some guidelines, but it would be better to call or email us so we can listen to your requirements better 


An administration fee is payable on the submission of an application form and will cover the cost of the referencing and other documents.  £150 per application.  The property will be reserved whilst this is taking place

GUARANTOR:  Sometimes a guarantor is required, for which there will be a fee of £70 per application

TENANCY AGREEMENT:  Providing referencing is satisfactory and the Landlord has given their approval, a Tenancy Agreement will be drawn up for a fixed period. The Tenancy Agreement will provide for all persons under the tenancy.  Adults who are not named on the Tenancy Agreement may not live in the property.

You will be required before the commencement of any Tenancy to pay the:

DEPOSIT:  Your deposit will be protected by a government approved scheme and is normally equivalent to one and a half months rent (plus an additional sum for any pet on the landlord’s prior approval). This will be paid at the time of signing the Tenancy Agreement.

RENT:  Rent is payable monthly in advance by standing order for the FULL AMOUNT OF RENT.

TENANCY RENEWAL:  Should you be offered the opportunity to renew the tenancy at the end of a fixed term, there will be a fee of £140 normally shared between tenant and landlord, providing all tenants remain the same

CHECK OUT:  At the end of the tenancy you will be checked out of the property, which there will be a fee of £70. ALL FEES are not subject to VAT

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss renting and to help you find the right property.

ALL FEES are not subject to VAT